The Shifting Sands of the South

Descending Iron's Journal Logs 3

Session 003, 11/8/2019

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Ascending Air 4

(Edit, Dinner took place on this night instead. ) I worked a scalpel set.  Then went to dinner to discuss the investigation.)

Ascending Air 5

The morning after the dinner I decided to go the market to buy some materials. While shopping I saw Desdemona it seem she was heading to the prince's place to coorate with him. I tagged along after finish my business.  Its seem Desdemona received two letters and wanted to disuss with Adjib. One was from Healer Wai-ren about her expolits the pervious night at Spice of Life's home. Desdemona was less that please with actions involving her friend. The other was from Triumph Over Thorns who was happen to be with Spice of Life. She wanted to speak with Desdemona at her earliest convenience. Desdemona decide she wanted to bring a gift for Triumph Over Thorns. Wishing to help I went back to workshop and with the help of my staff, we finished the most beautiful shield I have ever made. It is a overlarge ornate shield that give the appearance of a rose opening with a mirror at the center. Sent two workers with Desdemona to transport it. 

Later, I come to find out that that she was turn away and THAT THE DOOR MAN DIDN'T EVEN ACCEPT OR LOOK AT MY WORK. I name the shield the Bitter Rose and have given to Prince Adjib who has said to hang it up in a place of great prominence.

Later in the afternoon, Prince Adjib and I also receive invites to meet with Triumph Over Thorns. We decided to instead focus on learning more about Fallen Times. After asking around it seems that one of Fallen Times cut throats snuck past the prince's guards give a invite for dinner for Desdemona.  The cut throat seems a bit cocky and a fight between the Prince Adjib almost broke out. Desdemona decided go to the dinner alone and without escort. We wish her luck and  I  went home.

Later that evening hours after Desdemona left to attend her dinner date, I went to Prince Adjib about ask the guard what they know about the murders and maybe get back up for Desdemona if she is delayed for tomorrows meeting. Adjib convinced me waiting till the morning to talk to the guards would be for the best. I guess felt unsettled with the "whole come alone" aspect of Fall Times' invite.

Ascending Air 6

I saw the cut throat on the way to the Prince' Adjib's estate. I think he following me so I waved. I can't tell if he was trying to intimidate me or not he is not as stealthy as he thinks. Maybe he would like to talk with Einar how to be scary.

The prince nor I have hear from Desdemona this morning and we decide to see what the guards knows about the murders. We delay requesting help in hopes of that she is a late riser.  I again saw the cut throat on our way to guard barracks, he and I exchanged waves this time. Its weird to be followed around.

The guard behind to desk had us talk with investigator for the murders. She seemed honest and dedicated to her job. She was able to rule out demon summonings which a great relief for me. It seem that their investigation has stall but given what she told us that Fallen Times is the murderer. I may have given too much information way but Prince Adjib was able to steer the conversation. I am not the that skilled hidding my intent in my words. She did tell us a small boy witnessed the murder of Desert Rose and was injury by the murder. 

Oh,  the cut throat told us yesterday he was the one that attack Healer Wan-Ren. Apparently, he drop off at the barracks by the some people for the attack on her. According to the investigator, he was release because Scrolls Over Midnight shows up and applies legal pressure to free him. Which could mean that Scrolls Over Midnight is likely with Fallen Times.  If the Commitee is in a civil war then that means the member are divide along differnt sides. So, if Scrolls Over Midnights helps free Fallen TImes men than he must be supporting him.    

Desdemona return to Prince Adjib's estate after our meeting with the investigator. She told us that he was wooing her and confrim that he killed the other committee members for dissagreeing with his vision. According to him he did legal under their rules. That was in the minority but now he is in the majority and if the other don't follow his lead they too could follow Desert Rose and Rat King. I ask Desdemona to confirm this with her friend Spice of Life but she said she could no longer trust her because she is a posioner. To which I respond "so", I mean she knew she was crime boss. A person doesn't get their without crime surely she knew her hand weren't clean. But she seem certian that she can not trust her. The meeting ended when resolved to fill in the others.  



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