The Shifting Sands of the South

From the Journal of Sathea Ravenshadow, pt. 2

Session 002, 10/25/2019

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Frustrated by our failure to break through the secrecy of the Committee, I turned to the one source I knew would grant me honest knowledge: Grandmother Bright. As always, the Plaza was serene and gorgeous in the sunlight, with children playing and couples enjoying the day. No time for respite for First & me though- our quest for information would drive us through even the most promising leisure.<meta />

We met with Grandmother Bright's liason, Ivory Sky. I told him everything; I keep no secrets from Grandmother Bright, & I knew the more informastion I volunteered, the more I would receive. He asked me to write a letter to her, & I poured my heart into my words. I recalled my past acquisitions for her, swore my fealty, & asked for any information or leads that would help us access Fallen Times. Ivory Sky then disappeared to deliver the letter, & my anxiety over the response was somewhat assuaged by the glorious spread provided. First & I have certainly been eating well these days. He returned quite quickly (probably too quickly for First's appetite) with the most beautiful item I have ever seen. Deep red paper, gilded & velvety to the touch, with Grandmother Bright's ethereal words across the page. She relayed to us that a young man stumbled into the Plaza recently, savagely beaten. The only words he spoke: "Fallen Times- he's a monster". She wants us to find who did this & stop them. In that, we are speaking with one voice.


We return to Adjib's manor once more, to gather information from all parties. Einar provided much entertainment with his new fighting chain, & we were surprised by the presence of Amir, a self-proclaimed very influential merchant with the Guild. While I can discern no falsehoods in his peech, I am still wary of him joining an already uncomfortably large conspiracy of sorts.

Einar shared that someone has been buying great amounts of leather, wood, & metal. His contacts gave him the name "Silken Banner", & Amir volunteered to find out which Guild member he works for. This led to a heated exchange between Amir & Wei'ren; It is clear that she does not trust him, nor does she want to work with him. Desdemona, Wei'ren, & First & I shared our tales, & we settled on 3 possible threads to follow after piecing together our stories:

  1. The man who attemtped to kill Wei'ren

    1. What was his motivation? Who sent him?
  2. Fallen Times

    1. He is our clearest target, & has a part in this one way or another
    2. Grandmother Bright wants him out
    3. First & Einar are quite excited by the thought of violence
    4. Desdemona will lure him & gain info that way, possibly by setting up a false caravan, possibly by setting up her body
  3. Coins in Shadows

    1. He's a target of opportunity- large amounts of money are always tempting

We agree to wait on Coins in the Shadows, & focus on Fallen Times. Amir will find out who silken banner is working for, & locate Fallen Times if possible. In the meantime, First & I will do what we can to help Grandmother Bright. I will not fail her, because it would be failing myself.



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