The Shifting Sands of the South

Logs of Einar 002

Session 002, 10/25/2019

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Month: Ascending Air

Day 3 (cont.): As Zeeza, Rend, and myself head to the dock I remember that Capt. Crash is a no-nonsense and pragmatic man. I want before the gangplank to ensure I do not show any signs of disrespect, why does he have so few crewmen? Soon a person approaches the way and greets us. Thousand Silk Blossoms is the name given to me and I have never seen a person more stunningly beautiful. though he seems to not trust us or intentions at first he gives us permission to board. the puny gangplank is sturdier than some of our carts in the camp!?!   My weight is even supported by a mere barrel?! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! WAS THIS SHIP MADE FOR ME? The answer is no… Crash, as it would appear, is the only person in the world that I must look up to. He has the presence of a Terror Lizard in an open plain while you are unarmed. My will was maintained but Zeeza and even Rend have lost both their nerve and tongue. Crash reads as honest as myself, yet even with that, I was got in the negotiations for how many men, and long they would be gone. Unfortunately, I was the one I am bidding against. But not to worry I will have my 60 men back in a season. This ship is what keeps the real monster of the deep from taking over the seas.

We return to Adjib’s manor and that son of a bitch Descending Iron has done it again! My chain is immaculate. We appear to have a latecomer, Amir the trader from Gem. His standing in The Guild makes getting tabs on Silk Banner much easier. It is a shame that this group that found myself in is not the ones called "The Committee", they believe that speaking in circles and planning on making plans will accomplish something. Sathea and First have got word to and from Grandmother Bright. The letter she received stated that Fallen Times is our next target. This is all that I needed to hear, that guy is a twat and a thorn in my side for my company. I will destroy him and take his men as my own, I might even take his place. Much of the rest of the night was lost on me looping back on itself and twisting and turning as though the conversation itself was the roots system of some elaborate unkempt garden.  I was able to finally show my flask to Sathea, her eyes did widen at the sight of it but I do not know if she knows of it or just because it is moonsilver. She said that she would research it for me though. One step closer to my goal. Next, I must speak Amir about trade agreements. The possibilities that I could bring might entice him more than his apparent attraction to me, ha-ha today has been weird.





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