The Shifting Sands of the South

Logs of Einar 003

Session 003, 11/8/2019

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Month: Ascending Air

Day 4: I have seen the reason why men are afraid of the open waters, and I have contracted 60 of my troops and Zeeza, to sail with him for a season. Have I erred in this task? I will not know until they or the reports of them have returned. While we are not a soft crew by far I still fear for them, and so I will train them into the dirt. If Fallen Times is as strong as I believe I should not fall to the management folly either. This is a fight that will not be able to delegate. I must hit him more than I receive hopefully he never gets the chance to land one. It infuriates me that as I grow stronger Zeeza is always one step ahead of me in my efforts, I expect that he is toying with me at times. These days I will miss while he is gone. Sometime after dark, a messenger arrived with a letter from Triumph Over Thorns. Zeeza and I agree I am not prepared to speak to her on the level I place most people, thankfully Zeeza can teach me to interact more than Rend. I will speak to her in the morning after my bath.



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