The Shifting Sands of the South

Journal of Amir Tahan 1

Session 002, 10/25/2019

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After a long journey home I had the pleasure of joining his majiesty Adjib for dinner. Gathered at the table was a variety of colorful indivduals whom all had been hired to deal with rising power vaccum going on with The Committe.

The lovely Desdemona was there, a true pleasure to share company with such a friendly face. I made sure to take my seat next to her.

There is all a manner of unrest taking place with the Committe, unrest that my contemporaries in The Guild wish to see put to rest. Despite some rather uncouth accusations of impropriety thrown at my person by the renowned Healer Jai Wren, I offered my consideriable contacts and resources to look into the activies of various Committe members. It is of vital importance that this unrest is put to bed soon. The displeasure of the Tri-Khan is not something The Guild at large is interested in fostering.

There is much to look into in these coming days, we shall see what coin and my beloved little Whispers have to share…



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